Dec 07

A View From the Clouds

Let me start by saying thank you for visiting my new blog.  I decided it was time for me to begin sharing my thoughts, ideas, and expertise in the cloud, virtualization, and storage space to a larger audience.  With that I decided to start up a new blog that will feature these topics.  I’ve already got several ideas for specific blogs and I’ll be updating with new material weekly.  So, stay tuned for future posts!

I guess I should share a bit about myself.  I started officially in IT when I was 24, but had worked off and on in the field since I was 18 in various capacities.  Through the years I’ve worked in broad variety of industries including manufacturing, furniture, chemical, banking, health care, aerospace, university, and, of course, technology.  I’ve been with NetApp now for almost five years, and its been a fun and enjoyable experience for me. At NetApp I’m part of the vTME (virtual technical marketing engineer) and I’m a cloud solutions architect on the team. I would like to state that even though my view of the industry is shaped in part by where I work, I will be striving to keep an open mind and discuss various topics from a neutral point of view.  I will also say that I’ll break this rule from time to time if I see something is or bordering on awesome.  After all, I’m tech geek at heart!

So, why did I choose to make a McCloud on Cloud blog?  Being a cloud computing architect with a last name of McLeod (pronounced McCloud) just seems to have a certain synergy for me in this space and really meshes with who I am and what I do.  Since I live in this space I pick up a lot of useful tidbits that I think would be great to pass on to others.  I’m fairly certain that others ask most of the questions I ask.  Since I tend to find answers to most of my questions I think its probably a good idea to share them. With this blog I’d like to educate on cloud computing, share some of my opinions on the topic, and provoke thoughtful discussions in the areas of virtualization, storage, and cloud computing.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I’d love to hear from you about the topics I post.  With that, its back to the clouds for me!



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