Jan 17

Tips and Tricks with vCD 5.1

Systems  have problems and knowing how to fix those problems or at least view where the problem may be happening can be key to trouble-shooting.  Below is a collection of tips and tricks I use in my vCD 5.1 environment (either frequently or infrequently) to begin diagnosing.  Hopefully, these will help you as much as they have helped me.

Lets start with starting, stopping, and restarting.  Sometimes this will help. Other times it won’t.  Its good to know how to do this no matter what.

Stop vCloud Director Services: At the command prompt type service vmware-vcd stop

stop vcd services

Start vCloud Director Services:  At the command prompt type service vmware-vcd start

start vcd services

Restart vCloud Director Services:  At the command prompt type service vmware-vcd restart

restart vcd services

Now lets discuss where you look to check for issues.  When troubleshooting an issue, you will first want to look at your vCloud Director 5.1 cell.log. Its found at /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/cell.log (for a standard setup).

To view the cell.log simply type cat cell.log

view cell.log

Some things to note about the above image.

  • If you get to 100% you are good
  • If you don’t get past 9% check your database connection
  • When an error happens knowing exactly where it occurs can definitely help you start the troubleshooting process
  • If an error occurs here, Google it and you’ll probably find very helpful information on that specific problem

These are the two first steps to troubleshooting some issues. Ive used these since 1.5 and by this point I’ve forgotten where I got them from originally.  I’ll post more as time goes on.


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