Jul 22

Version 2.2 of the OnCommand Workflow Automation package for VMware vCenter Orchestrator Released

NetApp has just released version 2.2 of the WFA package for VMware vCO.  The primary improvement of this package is that it now allows the use of WFA 2.2 natively. This was done by adding a job status of “PLANNING”, which is a new job status in WFA 2.2  The package also now supports VMware’s vCenter Orchestrator 5.5.1  In order to understand how to setup this package please refer to  TR-4306: Building Automation and Orchestration for Software-Defined Storage with NetApp and VMware.  To download the package go to the NetApp Communities page or click the below link for a direct download.


NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation Package for vCO v2.2.zip

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  1. mark

    Any plans for a vCO package that will support WFA 3.0?

    1. McCloud

      I will be posting about that shortly.

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