Jun 02

NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation and VMware vRealize Orchestration Workflow Sample Pack

We are pleased to announce the NetApp OnCommand WFA and VMware vRealize Orchestrator workflows sample pack. This sample workflow pack has multiple workflows that allow for storage automation from VMware vRealize Orchestration to NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation over the REST interface created using the NetApp vRealize Integration Package for OnCommand WFA 3.0 package previously published.  This sample pack is intended to be both functional and to act as a demonstration of how to create workflow frameworks in vRO to access WFA storage automation workflows.  The compressed file contains a vRealize Orchestrator workflow package, another compressed file with complimentary NetApp OnCommand WFA workflows (as well as additional finders and filters needed for full functionality), and setup instructions for both the vRO package and the WFA workflows.

To access the package please click on the link provided below.  

 NetApp OnCommand WFA and VMware vRealize Orchestration Workflows Sample Pack

As always, I welcome any feedback or comments you may have.

Thank you for your time.


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