Jun 04

NetApp Dynamic Storage Types Package

I am pleased to announce the NetApp Dynamic Storage Types Package. The NetApp Dynamic Storage Types Package will allow setting NetApp storage as an output for vRealize Orchestration (vRO) workflows and in turn as an output for vRealize Automation life cycle management.  This is done by taking advantage of the native dynamic plugin capability in vRO 5.5.2 and above.

In the Create a Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Volume w/QoS workflow (acquired through the NetApp OnCommand WFA and VMware vRealize Orchestration Workflows Sample Pack and shown below) an output parameter of wfaVolume has been setup.

dymanicTypes workflow example

When looking at the Outputs of this workflow you will see that wfaVolume has DynamicTypes: NetApp.WFA.Volume as its Type.

dynamicTypes workflow example 2

What this then allows for is the tracking of NetApp storage creation in vRealize Orchestrator and the creation of an an output associated with NetApp storage.  When this workflows runs it says “I just created a NetApp WFA Volume” Basically, visibility of NetApp storage into vRO.

This functionality and visibility then moves up the stack to vRealize Automation.  In vRA under Advanced Services you can then create custom resources that mirror these storage types; in this case Cluster, SVM, and Volume.  As shown in the example below NetApp Cluster, NetApp Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), and NetApp NFS Volume all correspond to dynamic storage types created using this package.

dynamicTypes vRA example 3

At the baseline this grants visibility of NetApp storage into the vRealize Orchestration level, which is a great thing to have.

To access the package please click on the link provided below. Included in the compressed file are setup instructions.

NetApp Dynamic Storage Types Package

As always, I welcome any feedback or comments you may have.

Thank you for your time.


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